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Over 80% of registry problems are due to errors within the Windows registry. A Windows registry is the most crucial component of the entire Windows operating system. The registry is a database that stores configuration settings for Microsoft operating systems. There is where your software and hardware information is stored as well as user information. Anytime you change your system configuration, make changes to your control panel settings, access an application, or even type in one word these changes are automatically reflected within the registry where they are stored.

The registry came along first back when Windows 95 came out. It was created to help windows to better organize its files and increase the speed of the data processing. At the same time this improves your computer performance, but sadly a registry will accumulate quite a few problems.

Over time your registry becomes cluttered and congested. Since computers are ‘readers’ this clutter makes it harder for the computer to read the necessary information. It has to wade through the trash to find the right files. This slows your computer down significantly, and whenever registry keys get removed there is a hole left in your registry. You can also receive embedded registry keys through spyware or viruses. Soon the registry becomes unstable.

Caring For Your Registry – You have a few options for cleaning your infected registry. One is to go into the registry yourself and clean it manually. You can access it through the registry editor, but without the proper technical training you could end up making things far worse than when you began. One wrong deletion can cause your computer to go down permanently.

The best option is to use a good registry cleaner. This makes it easier for you to scan your registry and find the problems. These cleaners can fix any error that exists within your registry, and within just a couple of minutes. They even point out the problems and ask which ones you want repaired. There are always errors like incorrect path setting, invalid entries, redundant entries, and DLL errors.

Using these registry cleaners also make it easier to create the crucial backups to your system. If you have any problem the backup programs can restore it to the way it was before you started the cleaning program. Some even come with defragmenting tools. This also helps your computer to run faster.

You can find plenty of good registry cleaners online. You also can access many customer support services that can help with registry problems.

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