How to Fix the Blue Screen Error

The ‘Blue screen error’, otherwise referred to as the ‘blue screen of death error’, is one of the most common errors that affect Windows Computers. The error simply means that your PC has a very serious problem and that unless it is fixed, the PC will not run smoothly. You need to fix the problem so that your PC remains functional. So many things could cause the blue screen error and for your Computer to continue running smoothly, you will need to try and fix all the problems that are likely to cause the blue screen error. Here is a step by step guide.

Check the safe mode
The first step is to determine the real cause of the blue screen which you should do by trying to establish whether the problem is software or hardware related. This you do by checking if the PC functions in safe mode or not. If it goes ahead to work as usual in safe mode without crashing, the most likely cause of the blue screen error is software related, which you can effectively fix with steps 2&3 below. If on the other hand when setting the safe mode the screen brings up a blue screen, the most probable cause of the error is hardware related, which should be fixed by a qualified technician.

Uninstall the culprit program
More often than not, it is a specific software program that causes the error you are experiencing with your PC. Perhaps the errors are coming from such programs as games or recently installed programs, your best bet would be to try and uninstall the culprit software program, restart the machine and see if the error will still appear. In many cases, the solution to the screen of death error simply lies in a faulty program file, or its settings and a simple un-installation process fixes the problem. At other times though, it can be very hard to clearly pinpoint the culprit software. This is always characterized by many random blue screen errors. If this is the case, proceed onto the next step.

Clean the registry
As mentioned, at times your computer can experience very many random blue screen errors which if not fixed can render your PC useless. The main cause of these random errors is in a very important part of your PC known as the ‘registry’. The registry is simply a central part of a computer that stores a database of all settings of your PC, and all information that the computer needs to function and run smoothly. This is arguably the most important part of a PC’s Windows System.

If you are experiencing the blue screen errors, it is a clear indication that your registry needs a fix and a quick one at that lest it crashes completely. This is when you need to invest in a good quality registry cleaner program. These programs are designed in such a way that they will automatically scan through the entire registry and fix any damaged entries on the registry that are causing the problems. This they do by even deleting entries that are no longer in use. A good registry cleaner will make your Windows system run a lot faster and become more reliable because the last thing you would want is to lose important information and data from your PC due to the screen of death.

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