Five Steps to Speed up Your Computer

In today’s world of technology, computers are all around us, however, not all of them operate smoothly as they should due to simple but stubborn issues here and there due to either poor maintenance practices or mere negligence. To ensure that your computer runs efficiently at it’s normal speed, try effecting the following 5 simple steps to speed up your computer:

Stay Up To Date with All Windows Updates
Being the owner of Windows, Microsoft releases Windows updates annually to ensure your computer’s efficiency as well as keeping it updated as they understand their operating system best. Therefore, get your computer running smoothly and enjoy all the benefits associated with Windows updates by downloading them for free from Microsoft.

Too Many Applications Running
Your computer’s speed is severely reduced when you have too many applications running simultaneously. Therefore limiting the number of applications running at the same time will improve the speed at which your computer operates. Apart from that, it is prudent for you to uninstall programs you do not need so that you increase the memory size of your computer and hence increase efficiency.

Scan for Viruses/Trojans
To maintain your computer’s high speed, it is important for you to scan your computer regularly for viruses. To improve your computer’s safety from viruses, download a recommended antivirus that will ensure that your computer does not compromise it’s efficiency by having viruses running throughout whenever your computer is in use. An antivirus keeps away viruses from invading your computer and thus maintains the optimum speed of your computer.

Clean up Your Start up Programs
The best way to improve your boot time is by getting rid of most of the unnecessary start up programs. Your boot time gets slower when you have so many startup programs booting too whenever your computer is booting. You can get rid of unwanted startup programs by un-checking them under the startup tab after going to MSCONFIG configuration. This will not only improve your boot time but your loading time as well.

Clean up Your Registry
It is very important to clean your registry on a regular basis because most of your vital settings as well as programs are stored in your registry. To avoid windows errors, it is important to remove all the residues that are left in your registry after uninstalling certain programs that constantly affect the smooth running of your system. This is the most effective way of getting rid of windows errors from your system and maintaining it’s efficiency.

These 5 simple steps make it easier for you to speed up your computer. Your computer can be affected by the smallest of things that are even hard to notice, however, their impact on your computer can be detrimental.

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