Malicious Software could be the Cause of Your Slow Computer

You have already defragmented your hard drive, have deleted old programs that you no longer need, but the computer is still running slow? Have you ever thought that malicious programs could be the cause of a computer running slow? Viruses, Trojans, and spyware can make a computer run slow. Sadly, today anti-virus is not as effective as they used to be, as these malicious programs are getting advanced by the minute which can significantly cause permanent damage on your PC.

This is not however to say that you shouldn’t have an antivirus on your PC, it still plays a significant role. What you need to do is to install effective antivirus software if you don’t already have one, or simply updates the one that you have, and then run a full system scan of your PC. Many viruses and malicious programs could be hiding on your PC as system files. Simply running a full PC scans could help identify them, and remove the weak ones.

Secondly you should check for spyware and even though they are completely invisible to the naked human eye, they are known to leave tell tale signs on your PC. Some of the telltale signs include:-

  • The disk activity light keeps flashing constantly even when not using the PC
  • The network activity light on the modem or the windows taskbar resembles that of a Christmas tree. If you discover this yet you are not downloading or otherwise uploading any program, beware as it can be a clear indication of unwanted network activity on your PC
  • Some programs refuse to run
  • The PC keeps pausing and freezing all the time for no apparent reason

How to fix it
With an effective antivirus, scan through the entire system and search for spyware. Alternatively, download a free application such as the free spybot search and destroy which is removes all spyware and adware from your PC.

Alternatively, if the problem still persists, you can check the registry. While the abovementioned tip has proven very effective in identifying and getting rid of malicious software which makes your PC run slow, at times the problem can persist, and this is when you need a good registry cleaning software or tool. The registry can harbor files of malware such as spyware and Trojans which will cause corruption, confusion, and errors in the entire registry. Actually, these entries are very notorious of making alterations on files.

When you experience slow computer problems which can lead to the most dread blue computer screen error, your solution may simply lie in investing in a good and effective registry cleaning program which will give your PC a thorough scan and delete all unwanted and redundant files, including those of the malware. Further, the registry cleaning program will fix the files that the malware could have already damaged and you will end up boosting the performance of your PC significantly.

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