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What is ADWCleaner

ADW Cleaner is a program used to find and remove Adware, PUP or Potentially Unwanted Programs, Toolbars, and Hijacker. It is a program that can help you get rid of these obnoxious programs that slow your computer’s performance and allow you to have a better user experience whilst browsing the web.


How to Use ADWCleaner

Using this program is extremely easy. All you need to do is to download ADWCleaner and run it. Once you’ve downloaded, two buttons are going to appear – Scan and Clean.

The first one, Scan will allow ADWCleaner to scan your computer by searching unwanted programs and then provide you with all the files and folders discovered on your PC that are used by the unwanted programs.

After, the scanning is done, click on the second button – Clean. By clicking on it, ADWCleaner will remove the files and folders related to the unwanted programs. When it is all done, the files and folders will be displayed as removed.


How to Download ADWCleaner


ADWCleaner Download Link


What Types of Malware does ADWCleaner Remove?

ADWCleaner removes the following maleware:

  • The program can remove unwanted programs such as:
  • Viruses
  • Adware (ads software)
  • Malware Plug-Ins
  • Potentially undesirable program or PUP
  • Toolbars
  • Hijacker (Hijack of the browser’s homepage)

The program is specially designed to search for and then delete the unwanted, bundled, programs that very often come hooked up to freeware applications.


ADW Cleaner Key Features

Below are a few of ADWCleaner most important features:

  • The program restores the browser homepage (if the homepage has been replaced)
  • The program restores the default search
  • The program removes other programs and browsers that are installed without your permission or knowledge
  • ADW Cleaner has an intuitive interface
  • ADW Cleaner is compatible with a variety of antivirus programs


Portability & Self-removal Functions

ADWCleaner can be deployed from any device; and can remove all traces of itself with a single mouse click.. This makes it a popular choice for advanced users and IT Pros.


ADWCleaner Technical Specs

The technical specs of ADWCleaner include:

  • ADW Cleaner takes up a very little space (2MB), it is extremely simple and easy to download it, install it, and use it.
  • It is user-friendly, portable, without frill anti-malware apps, and with self-removal abilities.
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7. 8.1/10.



ADWCleaner is a powerful, easy to use malware cleaner that is compatible with nearly every verison of Windows. We highly recommend it!

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