Choosing the Best Free Anti-Virus for Windows 7

Windows 7 is subject to intrusive viruses, spyware, and malicious software that can cripple a computer’s system or target the user’s online information. Most viruses out on the web are capable of infecting a computer using Windows 7.

In this day and age where almost everything is done online, malicious attacks can prove especially dangerous to those with online bank accounts or who partake in online transactions. Any information entered into your computer, from passwords to credit card and social security numbers, can be traced and taken by spyware.

To combat these threats, a proper anti-virus is required. The problem is, anti-virus software is expensive, and many people can’t afford to pay monthly or yearly fees. Thankfully, there are free options of Anti-Virus that are perfectly capable of keeping a Windows 7 system clean.

When choosing an anti-virus, it’s important to look for the amount of protection it offers, from basic to full package, the scanning speed, firewall, and its ability to combat phising schemes, identify theft, spam, and malware.

There are many options for anti-viruses, but even if the program installs on Windows 7, it won’t work to its full potential if it isn’t compatible with the system. To ensure a computer is completely covered, it should have the anti-virus that best compliments installed.

1. Avast! Free Anti-Virus

The high performance Avast! anti-virus offers a number of features which improve computer security. Boot-time scans prevent malicious attacks on the program and download evaluations, a measure usually limited to paid anti-virus software, detect infected files.

Avast! employs advanced web security for a free program and guards against viruses, fake anti-viruses, spyware, and suspicious programs. It comes with a large array of free features that provide a very complete basic security for a Windows 7 PC.

2. AVG Anti-Virus Free

AVG is fully compatible with Windows 7 and provides basic protection against viruses. It has a high performance and fast scanning speeds. Scheduled scanning won’t interfere with other computer tasks or slow down programs running simultaneously. A helpful feature of AVG is the capability to combat viruses posing as anti-virus software that, once installed, spam your computer until you purchase a fake license.

A bonus to installing AVG is the added features. AVG Accelerator, a program which speeds up rendering and viewing YouTube videos and downloading from AVG Do-Not-Track detects trackers on the internet and allows you to block them.

3. Avira Free Anti-Virus

Avira is a free Anti-Virus for Windows 7 that has a high rating against virus attacks. The software employs excellent malware removal and free protection against phising. Scanners work at a fast rate and search the computer for Trojan, virus, adware, and rootkit infections.

4. Super Anti-Spyware Free Edition

This Windows 7 combatable anti-spyware is capable of removing any threats on your computer and preventing new spyware from installing. It excels where other anti-spyware fails by removing spyware and malware that’s hidden and difficult to remove. Oftentimes these kinds of infections will go completely unnoticed by anti-viruses.

5. Comodo Firewall 5

Comodo firewall offers standard firewall protection for a Windows 7 PC. When coupled with a good free anti-virus, it will provide full coverage security for a computer. This firewall is very effective at blocking suspicious programs that attempt to access the internet from your computer.

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