How to avoid virus, phishing, worm and internet scams?

Every computer which is connected to the internet has the possibility of being attacked by virus or spy ware or by hackers. People also face many other internet threats such as phishing, worm and internet scams. A virus attacks your computer when you visit certain malicious websites or when you download any infected files.  There are many types of viruses are dangerous to your computer system. Few viruses will slow down your computer and certain type of viruses will erase the data stored in the hard drive.

Phishing is the fraudulent act through which people receive official looking mails asking for sensitive personal information. Through these mails, the hackers try to steal your identity and money. Thus, you need to be extra cautious when your computer is connected to the World Wide Web network.

Abide by the following rules to avoid viruses:

  • Never download files from any suspicious websites.
  • Use the best available Anti- virus tool and scan your hard drive regularly.
  • Deactivate the Auto run function for external drives.
  • Always scan any documents from the external drive before you open or save them.
  • Keep your operating system updated from time to time.

To avoid Phishing attacks:

  • Do not respond to mails that requests for your personal information.
  • Never click on any links which are emailed to you.
  • Do not open mail attachment with “.scr”, “.exe”and “.com” file extensions.
  • Avoid giving your username and password to any illegitimate source.
  • Ensure you have updated your anti virus software and the operating system of the computer.

Worms and internet scams:

Similar to viruses, internet worms are also programs which can replicate it, delete files and corrupt your system. Viruses can replicate only if there is a host program, but the worms can multiply independently. Internet worms can spread much faster than the viruses. They are even capable of wrecking huge networks and not just individual computers. Also, the internet worms can install malware into the computer system which will act as a back door entry for all the malware applications.

There are many other internet scams which people have to be aware of. Sometimes, people bid a product in online auction and makes online payment instantly. But the product will never be delivered. These are auction scams. Similarly you may receive mails saying you have “won lottery for $50000” and you need to click on the given link. Visiting that link may expose your system to any malicious website.

In order to avoid worms attack:

  • Configure a proper firewall to restrict the network traffic.
  • Set the firewall to cloak your computer from the network.
  • Never open Emails before scanning them with updated anti virus software.
  • Scan your computer regularly and keep the anti virus updated

Follow the rules to avoid any internet scams:

  • Do not respond believe in any unrealistic mails
  • Also do not respond to such mails or advertisement letters.
  • Always do some research about the company mentioned in the mail before you reply to it
  • Never respond to mails which has any banks or government agencies name in the sender details.

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