How Do I Know If There Is A Trojan Horse In My System

Trojan horse or Trojan virus is malicious software that often affects remote computers in different ways. Due to the attack of this virus, a system may loss all important files and documents. As this virus can be legitimate file from an authorized source, a user often gets bound to open or download those files. However, it is not at all a tough job to detect whether your system has been affected with this virus or not, if you are technically proficient. There will be a few symptoms of this virus attack and it is good to know all those in detail so that you can remove the virus easily as soon as you detect it. Often Mac and windows operating system become the victim of this particular virus.

How to detect:

In order to detect a Trojan virus, users often go for a simple test. They use the windows task manager to display all contemporary processes or files. However, in order to make this process successful your technical knowledge has to be reasonably elevated. Else, it will proof harmful or often useless to the steadiness of the system. However, the safe and secure option is to use the software that can easily detect the virus and prevent any kind of data loss. There are a few effective software, which scrutinize hard drives for any Trojan virus. This software not only detects the virus but also delete it instantly parting you with a clean, clear and Trojan free system.

Spy sheriff:

If your system has been affected with the spy-sheriff Trojan virus, you will see the following symptoms:

  • Your system will receive false threats repeatedly. This trick is played to convince the owner so that he or she purchases the program instantly.
  • The more you try to delete the virus the more it pos up, because the virus can re-install itself via the hidden components of the system. However, it is better not to delete the virus with Add programs as it may result total crash of system or often “blue screen of death” occur due to this removal.
  • Due to this virus attack, the desktop background often gets replaced with blue screen and the user notice a caption “SPYWARE INFECTION”. The windows system starts informing that you must use spyware-deleting tools to prevent loss of data. If you receive this type of security quotes, it is imperative to use the PC only after removing it of the Trojan viruses.

Other symptoms:

If you notice that the system is often receiving less-than flattering photos of celebrities like Britney Spears, you can be sure that it has been infected with a Trojan virus. In such situation, you often think that you get the file that you are looking for, and when you click on it to see the video, you can see the massage only that states the system is about to loss important codec. Soon after this, a disk image will start downloading following the setting of the system and an installer will launch which will then ask for your admin password.

These basic symptoms are often noticed when a system becomes victim of Trojan virus. So, if you notice any of the symptoms, use proper remedy to prevent any kind of data loss.

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