AVG Premium Security

When it comes to the best protection on your computer; AVG antivirus and AVG internet security are fairly good software’s for protecting your PC against viruses, malware and any other internet threats. However, this protection is even more enhanced and much better with the new AVG Premium Security.

The AVG Premium security is an upgraded version of the AVG PC protection suite. It contains all the basic features of the normal AVG antivirus and internet security together with additional features for enhanced effectiveness.

AVG Premium security features

Bearing in mind that AVG Premium security is an upgraded version of AVG Internet security, it contains all the basic features of the internet security suite. These features include; antivirus, identity protection, two way firewall, internet surfing protection and spam filter. In addition to these, AVG has added two main features which include;

Identity Alert:This is a web service for credit card protection. It searches the web for details regarding your credit card number in order to detect any intended hackings before they occur. Once detected, the service will alert you via email and you can take the necessary action before you lose your money.

Quick Tune:This is the second additional feature of AVG Premium security which is essentially a tool for cleaning your registry, defragmenting the hard drive, deleting useless files and broken shortcuts.

AVG Premium security is available as commercial software. The main difference between the Premium security and the internet security is that there is no free trial. You have to purchase the software before accessing it. The software is compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 7 and Windows Vista and also with Windows XP. One of the major cons noted with this software is the fact that the Identity Alerts are ambiguous as they offer no clue or URL of the possible threat.

License:  Paid  £49.99 /1 license, 1 year

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