AVG Anti-Virus

Best advantages of using AVG anti-virus are that it works very well in malware removal as well as blocking. It also offers great protection against phishing and exploits. Some useful toolbars are safe search, access to Facebook, and fast scans. However, one problem in scanning is that the root kit scan is separate from the whole computer scan and the phishing and exploit protections are not as effective as in case of some other antivirus packages.

Available with a free version, the AVG antivirus scores better than many other commercial competitions and has ranked high on the reviews by experts. But the free version is certainly one of the best among all free antiviruses that are available in the market.

Component icons have been reduced to 6 from the previous versions’ 10 and three new icons have been added to it. These are –

AVG Family Safety;
AVG PC Tune Up;
AVG LiveKive Online Back Up

These products can be linked with the AVG Antivirus 2012.

In all the last ten tests that were carried out by the Virus Bulletin on AVG, it has received VB100 certification. While in the on demand testing, AVG rated standard but in the whole product dynamic test it ranked advanced, a cut above the standard. Also in the ongoing antivirus certification tests carried out by AV-Test.org where a total of eleven points are required for certification, AVG scored 13.7, better than average.

Some of the advantages of using AVG antivirus are –

Quick and easy installation;
High resistance to malware;
Quick clean up; and A full scan in just 16 minutes time.

However if you require Root Kit transfer then it will take an additional 3 minutes.

Though it may not clean up perfectly and there may be something still left out, it scored 88 on the ultimate test out of 100, second only to G Data antivirus 2012.

Direct download from official site, (Last updated on February 14, 2012)
Download AVG Antivirus 2012  for Free ,32-bit (139 MB)
Download AVG Antivirus 2012   for Free  ,64-bit (158 MB)

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