RKill Review and Download

Sometimes malwares get so malicious that even the anti-malware program cannot run. A reliable way to get out of such a tough situation is to install and run Rkill and the problem will be gone. It applies a technique involving terminating the process preventing the anti-malware to run. It works together with the anti-malware; it terminates the processes of the malicious program while the anti-malware removes them.

Some malwares usually leave their roots when they are removed; these can be a threat to the computer and should be removed fully. This anti-malware removes these completely by acting on the registry and file association of these malwares. Your computer will benefit greatly by using this program on a regular basis followed by an anti-malware.

Mode of operation

This program works by listing all the processes it effectively terminates, by doing this, the user will know the specific processes that are responsible for the malware attacks. Though categorized as an anti-malware, this program does only one function, stopping suspicious processes. Conventional anti-malwares are known to perform several functions including cleaning registries, repairing files and deleting privacy items. These functions results in an optimized PC that performs better and faster and is more secure. Even with the single function of RKill, it performs one of the most important job that at times saves a computer from crashing completely.

This program is highly appreciated due to its one very important capability above all anti-malwares or antivirus. This one quality is so big that it can do what the other programs could not do by themselves; it identifies malicious processes that were impossible to deal with and stops them for effective removal by the anti-malware. It works well with a good antivirus and anti-malware for complete and effective remove of malwares. Periodic scanning of the computer is necessary for a secure system.

Rkill Downlaod :http://download.bleepingcomputer.com/grinler/rkill.exe

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