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It is true that internet has become very significant in the present age, and similarly, the fact that internet is probably the biggest source of malware and viruses cannot be denied. However, advanced programs are available to fight with the threats, and PC Tools Internet Security is one of them. This tool offers comprehensive protection from various online threats and keeps you away from cybercrime and identity theft scams. What makes this program different include its features of stopping pishing emails, eliminating fake offers, and controlling unauthorized access to a network. Even though it integrates complicated and advanced technology, yet the interface makes it easy to use for all the users.


Comparison with competitors

Comparing it with other available products, you might find this tool a little more pricy, but you are getting added features for the added price. You can avail of broad protection and customization options with network protections as well. IntelliGuard technology renders its roles well in offering enhanced online protection. You will not find parental control like other tools, but you can blacklist sites manually in the firewall.         If you are using the PC Tools Internet Security for the first time, then you can go for the trial version. However, the trail period is half as compared to available competitors.

Get advanced features with paid edition

You will get fifteen days of free trial with PC Tools Internet Security and can use the detection features of the tool only. For Removal features, you will have to pay, and then you can use the other advanced features. Free support is also accessible for subscribers and it also offers scam and social protection, so that you can avail of a safer gateway to handle money as well as confidential information. Automatic updates make sure that the features are latest all the time, so that you are protected against all the new viruses, Trojans, malware and online threats.

Download PC Tools Internet Security (trial verson) ,(Last updated on February 15, 2012)
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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