PC Tools AntiVirus

Enhanced protection, scanning as well as detection is the main selling point of the PC Tools AntiVirus. With latest sliding signatures, this antivirus is capable of catering for various threats in an efficient manner. It is also equipped with advanced features of virus scan along with removal of the viruses, which attack the boot sector and the Master Boot Record. The PC Tools AntiVirus sports the IntelliGuard protection feature, which eliminates malwares attacking your systems through file transfers, internet, and email as well. On-demand or customizable scans are other features that come with this antivirus program. Smart update is another feature of this program, which provides protection against newly developed viruses, as it updates the virus definition regularly.

Advanced features and products available

This tool also enables you to quarantine the viruses or malware instead of removing them, so that you can restore them later. You get logging feature for all the scans done by this antivirus program. In this way, you can acquire a detailed record of the scans that the system carries out. You can get a free edition of the program as well as a registered version via trial-pay. However, with these editions you will not get some features, which you can obtain with the paid registered version.

Difference between the free registered and the paid registered version

High-speed smart updates, customer support, phone support are some of the features, which you will not get with the free version of PC Tools AntiVirus. With the free registered version, you will get all the features except the phone support one and the paid version put forward complete protection and support. If you are looking for a free and a trustworthy antivirus program, then this can be one of the good choices. However, you will have to sacrifice the speed and the regular updates of the tool if you go for the trial version. You should make the pick after considering the kind of protection and support you need and the price you are ready to pay.
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