Malware attacks on android? How to prevent them

Malware refers to any malicious software which is programmed to interrupt the computer operation or exploit the data stored in any computer system. Any program or software which affects the working of a device can be called as a Malware. This includes the computer virus, spyware, internet worms, Trojan horses and few adware. It is not a separate program, it can be found in any legitimate websites in the form of some other software. This malware software is a helpful tool for hackers to monitor any remote computer system.

Malware attacks Mobile phones:

Nowadays, even Mobile phones have become the victim for the malware attacks. Once the malware enters the mobile phones, it replicates itself and carries out unwanted activities like making calls and sending SMS. It also subscribes to unnecessary billing schemes and uses the other schemes available for your number. You will never realise all this until you are charged for all these. The malware also erases and transfers the contact details available in the user’s phone. It keeps sending all your personal details to any other third party.

A malware can be a serious threat to businesses also. With the help of a malware infected smart phone, a third person can use it as a proxy or a gateway to enter into a restricted business network.

Android Smart phones hit by Malware attacks:

Among the mobile phones malware attacks, the android smart phones are largely targeted by the malware users and hackers. This is mainly due to the reason that, Android applications market provides an open platform to all the application. As Google is looking mainly for developing and selling Apps, they are quite relaxed on the security aspects. A malware enters your phone when you download any malicious app into your android phone.

Most of the Android applications are vulnerable for any third party intervention. Though the unauthorised third party access has been reported earlier, you can still find increased malware attacks on the android phones. A recent Juniper research has found that the Android attacks have been shooting up to 3325% during the second half of the year 2011.

Most dangerous Android malware attacks:

  • Fake Banking Apps: This lured the customers into entering their online account login details.
  • Android.Geinimi: This corrupted many legitimate Android games on Chinese download sites.
  • DroidDream: It infected devices, breached the android security sandbox and stole data.
  • AndroidOS fake player: It seems to be a media player and silently sends SMS to premium SMS numbers.

Ways to prevent Android Malware attacks:

  • Never download apps from unauthorised or illegitimate apps stores.
  • Protect your phone with Passwords
  • Immediately install all the OS once they are made available.
  • Don’t view or share sensitive personal information in the public Wi-Fi.
  • Choose the best antivirus app for your phone.
  • Read and understand the permissions before you download any new app.
  • Make sure you download apps that are scanned through Bouncer (internal malware scanner in android market)

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