How virus attacks your system through e-mail?

Internet and computers are now a part of our daily routine life. Rarely can you see people who do not use internet. Anything and everything has to be done online. Planning your travel, making bill payments, reading news are all done easily with the help of Internet and computers. With all these technological improvement, there are also many threats to the users in the names of computer viruses. These are computer programs which are designed to delete or erase the information from your system. There are certain types of viruses which slow downs your computer speed.

How viruses spreads through emails

Viruses can easily be transferred from one computer to another through sending mails. This is the most common way used nowadays. They may come as an attachment along with the emails. It is a common opinion that all the spam mails are only virus infected, but it is not so. Even if you receive a mail in your inbox, it can contain virus in it. When you open and run the attached file, you are indirectly allowing the virus to into your computer system. This will slowly affect your hard drive and the entire system.

Often there will be mails like “Spot offer”, “Lottery money”, “ Free loan” which will be very attractive to read through. It’s always better to avoid those mails. Never open any attachments received from unknown people. You may receive many junk mails which you may have to avoid by unsubscribing them.  You may be asked to click on certain link for that. Be careful before doing that or you may end up getting virus in your computer system.

To prevent such virus attacks, you need to

  • Keep your operating system updated
  • Install and update the anti virus tool on a regular basis
  • Do not download the attachments directly
  • Always open the attachments in the mail only after scanning them with an anti virus software.
  • Keep your Microsoft office products in a secured level
  • Keep your Firewall on all the times

Symptoms of virus in your computer

In case you have opened any illegitimate files without scanning, there are high possibilities of the virus to be transferred to your bank account. In such cases, the computer will face many error problems. You will not be able to run any files or application. It might take a very long time to open a small file. Ultimately the working speed of the computer will reduce badly. When you do not immediately get rid of the virus, it will create more damage to the hard drives and other computer parts.

The effective removal measures:

  • Install a good anti virus software
  • Update the anti virus and scan the entire system
  • Change your computer to safe mode.
  • Disconnect, scan and re install the hard disk
  • Turn off your windows scripting host on your computer


Any unprotected PC will become an easy victim to the viruses. If you are not careful while using the Internet, you will put your computer at risk. An updated anti virus software and an operating system can save your computer from virus attack.

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