How Trojan Vundo annoys you? How to secure your system from it

Trojan horse or Trojans are a kind of malicious program, which has been named after the Trojan Hoses of Greek legendry. This malicious virus acts as if it wants to provide something beneficial to the system but as a foe in guise it affects the host machine with disturbing programs and applications. Vundo is the family of Trojans and it is a dangerous group which affects the NT based MSW operating system of the machine. It is good news for the computer users that this software is not being used so widely as before, still a danger larks and we should remain conscious. The conspicuous affects and complexity of removal mark Vundo as a serious issue to computer users who once have been infected by it.

How Vundo Affects:

It is already said that Trojans are malicious program that appears in disguise and cause a lot of damage to a machine. Vundo is a special type which can perform a few extraordinary jobs.

  • The virus helps to display attractive advertisements, which actually prove harmful for the user.
  • Once the users click on advertises it is their personal actions that start the rest of the negative processes.
  • These advertisements are often for rogue Anti –Spyware or Anti –Virus programs but it is the users who have to pay for other’s guilt.
  • As it takes a lot of time detect the virus, until then the personal information  of the user like credit card codes, bank account numbers, important documents get exposed to public
  • This virus remains hidden in DVDs and CDs.

Other Affects:

The Trojan virus especially the Vundo family has different capabilities. A few of Vundo wedge contact to security websites like Symantec, McAfee and Kaspersky.  Due to this computer users can’t run other anti-virus software program successfully to remove Vundo and all their personal information become public very soon. Some of the Vundo are so potential that they can disable installed anti—virus software to make the process of removal difficult. The remaining functionality of the disabled software stop totally and files which were being used to run the software program get deleted automatically. Once those are deleted it seems a hard job to get them back.


In order to keep your machine safe from this destructive software you have to use your machine quite carefully. While using the computer you should not forget a few common facts which make a machine vulnerable to Vundo viruses.

Pc can be a victim of Vundo Trojan if:

  • You visit unnatural website
  • You set up software Crack
  • You undo a spammed e-mail


Using a potential anti-virus or anti-spyware software of a reputed brand is the best option to remove Vundo Trojan successfully from a machine. However, you have to be an expert in choosing the software. You should educate yourself on the services and functionality of the software prior making a final choice.

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