How to make sure your online payments are done securely

Frauds during online payments are a common occurrence in modern days. According to a recent survey, millions of dollars are defrauded each year. Online frauds can be difficult to trace if appropriate security measures are missing. Online payments are fast gaining in acceptance due to speedy processing of credit cards, immediate access of payment portal, hassle-free return of money, check processing and email notifications as well. Most people adhere to online payments, as it is possible to access payment portal at any possible time. Online payments occur in a 24*7 format and the fund transfer happens on an immediate basis. It is possible to determine that online payments occur in a secure manner. To make online payments a safe option, it is necessary to follow a few tips.

Necessary Tips

The tips that go a long way in making online payments a secure approach are as follows:

  • Determine the use of SSL or TLS
  • Never Disclose Personal Details
  • Never Disclose Credit Card Number
  • Contact Merchant/Company Directly
  • Main Accurate Records
  • Verify Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

The above-mentioned tips if followed meticulously can go a long way in helping to make online payments secure. By keeping the personal details and accurate facts pertaining to online payments confidential, one can always avoid suspicious orders and fraudulent orders made by misusing the card.

Explanation of the Possible Details

If in the case one has any doubts regarding the policy matters then it is a wise decision to seek appropriate clarification. If one hopes to make online payments securely, it is always a good decision to limit personal information including social security number and mailing address to trusted individuals. It is always a wise decision to provide online payment information to trusted business organizations. One must carefully read the policy matters of the concerned organization. The policy matters must highlight the possible security measures taken by the concerned authority to ensure that the personal information remains secured.  One must make sure that the website is making use of a secured connection. A secured website has “https” in the URL whereas non-secured websites have only “http”. The existence of a lock icon on a specific browser indicates that the concerned webpage is secure. One can always view the security certificate for the concerned website by simply double-clicking on the particular lock. A few sites display an icon with an unbroken key. The existence of an unbroken key highlights the fact that the website is secured as well.

Stay Safe Online

In order to stay safe online one must follow the under-mentioned tips as well:

  • Use Strong Passwords
  • Always Sign Out from Concerned Account
  • Try to Avoid Public Computers
  • Maintain NETELLER Account in a Secured State

Every online user must take necessary steps in order to protect oneself from email frauds. Emails that hold an unprofessional look and consist of spelling and grammatical issues are not safe for making secure online payments. The best way to gain the advantage of a secure online payment is to have an online payment gateway.

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