How to Detect and Remove a File Infector Virus?

File infector, as the name suggest is the computer virus that easily infects different files that has been stored in a machine. Among many computer viruses this is the most frequently organized one that inflict significant damages. If a computer runs such a program that has been inflicted by the virus, it is risky for the other applications of the computer as this virus can replicate the malicious code and apply it to other applications. Generally, files with .EXE and .COM extension are prone to this virus; however, any file which is capable of implementation can be victim of file infector virus. To keep files and documents safe, it is imperative to know the process of detecting the virus and to learn the removal process of the virus.


The easiest way to detect file infector viruses is to use virus detector software. Most of the software works in three ways to detect this virus: activity checking, by changing detection and by scanning. Most recommended software like Vi-Spy, Macintosh, and Win 95 offer the opportunity to use all these three types of programs to detect and contest virus.

  • ·Activity checking verifies whether any activity is going inside the machine that is alike virus. When software detects such activity it at once informs you to be sure whether the activity is legitimate or not. Advance software often prevents the activity until someone turns off the computer. This will help to detect such activity that may affect your file and to be sure either you want to continue with the process or not.
  • The change detection process is to check the system against the previous snapshot of the computer and this process is to determine whether any changed has occurred in the system. In this process the software monitors the executable file size.
  • ·Scanning is the most important job done by any software. In this process a system is being checked against listing for signature scanning. When signature is explored the application informs you of the presence of any file infector virus.

However, if you try to use these strategies individually they may not work that better, so the best option is to use them in combination.


File infector virus is also known as parasitic virus that usually infects memory and executable files. Once they are in system they remain for a long time. Instead of trying for any other method it is better to use removal software to get rid of the virus. As there are software to detect the virus, removal software is also available, which work for effective removal of the virus. However, while removing a system of the virus using software, a user should boot the machine to DOS mode. This is because in windows mode the systems files remain locked. Thus he or she has to turn the system to DOS mode first and then should run the virus removal software.

Things to learn:

Before cleaning a system of file infector virus:

  • ·In V –base look up the file infector virus.
  • ·See the virus type. If it is stealth it may have properties that may line up with removal and detection.

Thus the moral of the story is using anti-virus software is the safe and secure option to detect and remove file infector virus.

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