How Popup bring virus into your system

When you surf the internet, have you seen or experienced pop-ups that bring messages? If yes, then be alert, as this can be a virus attack as well. If you are unaware of such virus, then you should keep your eyes on such pop-ups. Majority of the time pop-ups bring spyware to your system, by attracting you to click on links or to buy specific software. There are a number of programs, which displays various advertisements on your system, and some of them show up every minute.

Different ways in which pop-ups bring viruses

The primary ways by which pop-ups bring virus to a system include:

  • It lures the user to purchase a specific program
  • Some display adds to visit a particular site
  • A few of the pop-ups disguise themselves as sales pitches
  • Some pop-ups also display warning messages or virus alert
  • Some pop-ups helps in starting a virus infection

The main motive behind such pop-ups is to encourage the user to click on a malicious link, which can lead to a virus attack. This can also lead to identity theft.

Kinds of viruses that can attack through pop-ups

Various types of viruses enter your system through the pop-ups, and if you recognize them on time, then you will be able to take proper action to protect your system. Trojans are one of the viruses, which enter through pop-ups, as these require user consent for unleashing themselves. Malware also makes a way into your system through pop-ups, especially if you click on the link appearing on the pop up. Gator is one of the spywares, which monitors your surfing habits and then put on targeted pop-ups to induce a virus attack.

Detecting the viruses

For protecting your system from pop up viruses, or to delete the viruses that comes through pop-ups, you should first indentify such viruses. The indications that helps in detecting such viruses include:

  • Slow performance: Worms lead to the creation of many pop-ups and this can slow down the pc and bandwidth allocation massively.
  • Continuous pop-ups- Some of the adware parasites use your information for advertising products through numerous pop-ups, spam letters, toolbars, etc.
  • Slowing down of internet connection: Adware uses your internet connection for sending private information and receive ads as well as pop-ups causing the connection to slow down.

Preventing and deleting the viruse

To block the pop-ups, you should choose the block pop-ups option on the browser that you use, as this will prevent the pop-ups to display on your system. If you have antivirus installed in your system, then this can help in scanning and deleting such viruses. If it fails, then you will have to delete them manually. Prior to deleting the viruses manually backup your system, and then search the viruses, which have infected your system. After this, you should uninstall the files or delete the infected files from your system after booting it in the safe mode, as this will prevent the viruses like Trojans and adware to repair them and appear again.

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