Which Operating System Is Safe From Virus Attack?

Mac, Windows, Linux, UNIX, Dos are the best operating system in the market that is being used by a billion of users for both professional and personal purposes. Prior selecting any of the operating systems, the question often pos up which one is efficient enough to prevent virus. However, the malicious people are equally using the technology as we people use for noble purposes and that is why they are also being able to innovate malevolent software for all kind of operating systems. Still, all of the operating system come with a minimum security quote and offer protection from viruses. On the other hand a few of them sometime seems better than another in terms of functionality and protectiveness. Let’s see which one of these operating systems is more efficient.

Linux & Mac:

It is often said that Linux and Mac, these two operating systems are the less vulnerable to virus attack. As these two systems need advantaged access to install and run any kind of viruses. Even a well built Malware hardly can gain privileged or root access to both these devices and that is why it seems difficult to influence a system’s vulnerability. LINUX install everything from super computers to embedded processors as base cover. Though windows is the most recommended OS for desktop, but the increasing occurrence of embedded devices is enhancing the popularity of Linux. People across the world are being able to use it with any major support to minimize the attack of any Malware, especially when it is compared with windows.

Windows vs UNIX:

There are few people who believe that using UNIX as an operating system is safer option than using windows. However, it is true that UNIX has something different to offer to its users, but the security quote that is available with the latest versions of a windows should be get counted.

  • ·Windows NT has been designed as a secure system with supplies for more security than what is implemented initially.
  • ·Next generation secure computer basing, Service Pack of Windows XP, Windows 2003c security services all of these provide an inspiring set of security mechanisms.
  • ·Recent windows system offer maximum security ratings in comparison with UNIX and other operating system.

However, it is true that a majority of Windows user has faced several difficulties while operating both Microsoft and windows, but this recent innovation may replace their experience with something exciting and secured as well.

Dos vs Linux:

As an operating system, Linux work much better than Dos. The functionality of Linux and the available security quote is hardly comparable with Dos. In terms of performance Linux often out pass the reliability of any other operating system, even of windows. It easily lowers the numbers of malware and other viruses. Unlike Dos, Linux OS come with a huge variety, so a user can easily choose one from them.

However, though almost all of the operating systems come with a kind of protective shield to keep virus away, still it depends on the working ability of the user how long he or she can keep it off of viruses. If you use carefully you can keep any of the operating system free of virus attack.

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