what is Remote Assistance in Norton Firewall

In order to communicate over the internet, Windows Remote Assistance makes use of port 3389. It is necessary to configure the Norton program by simply facilitating Remote Assistance connections.  Many individuals face an immense problem to carry out remote assistance between two Vista Computers. It is possible to fix the problem by following the under mentioned instructions.

Fix the Problem Appropriately

Firstly, it is necessary to start Norton 360. Secondly, one must click settings, Firewall protection and then check whether mstsc.exe is already present or not. If in the case, mstsc.exe is already present then it is necessary to enable Allow. One must select mstsc.exe from the specified path C:\Windows\system32 folder and then click on Open. One must select the option Allow from the drop-down box and then click on OK. Before clicking on Close option, one must click Apply and then click close. One must remember that Remote Assistance is specifically a feature of Windows operating system. Hence, one must not view Remote Assistance as a lingering danger. Security issues can creep in only in the case when the user takes assistance from questionable sources. Norton has no way to find out as how exactly the choice of a specific help really is. Norton Firewall also boasts of Intrusion Prevention signatures as well as malware signatures for preventing specific kinds of threat. In order to prevent virus attacks it is necessary to use an authentic password policy and turning the remote desktop off as well.

Necessary Steps

The exact steps necessary to set up remote assistance through a Norton Firewall are as highlighted below:

  • Click on “Program Control” Tab.
  • Click “Add” button
  • Select the “rdpclip.exe” file
  • Click Open Button.
  • Click Allow Button
  • Next Click OK
  • Choose Desired Category
  • Click Ok button finally

By following the above-mentioned steps, it is possible to set up remote assistance with the aid of Norton Firewall. If in the case, one needs to enable remote desktop then it is necessary to encrypt connection. It is possible to encrypt the required connection with the aid of a third party application. One can also encrypt the connection with the aid of a VPN. One must make sure that the current default Administrator account is not in an enabled state of functioning.

Most computer users face the problem with respect to providing remote assistance after one has installed NIS . If in the case, one is confronted with the fact, that remote assistance cannot be provided after the installation of NIS on seven 64-bit machines, then one can always to disable the firewall in NIS. If one is willing to disable a specific firewall then it is recommended to make the time span as brief as possible. After the specified time-limit expiries, one must turn on the firewall. In the other case if one has a home network, then one must disconnect the machine from the concerned system from the internet connection. One can always try to carry out remote assistance on the computer systems once the firewall is disabled temporarily.


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