What is Email Encryption and how this helps in secure our Email

In short e-mail encryption can be described as the authentication and encryption of e-mail messages, a process of protecting messages from inadvertent recipients. Encryption is being done with the help of technology, however this practice is not that common as several social factors are involved with it. A few of people take the encryption process as a suspicious one. That is why   Public-key- cryptography being used as a new process of encryption, which enables users to include a public key so that others can use this key to encrypt message. User can keep the privates key secret to encrypt or sign messages digitally or to decrypt those messages. It is important to encrypt e-mail to protect messages from snooping eyes. Let’s know how we can encrypt e-mail and how this process protects us.

How to encrypt:

Depending on the performance of technological tools is the most effective way to encrypt e-mail and to communicate with business partners with enough security. It will be a bit expensive choice to opt for the technologies; however the services you are supposed to get will worth your pay. These tools make the process of encryption affordable and easy. Different tools come with different policies and this policy based services help you to deliver encrypted e-mail to your niche of interest successfully. The tools work to:

  • Automate the process of encryption and you can send organizational e-mails among groups, specific clients and individuals.
  • Manage reporting and security policies
  • Secure messaging within business associates, customers, partners and individuals.

If you can opt for the right tools you may not need any other hardware or software solution or any kind of technical training to accomplish the process.


When you send an e-mail, in most cases it will be sent as plain text via web without any mentionable encryption. Though most of the servers use mail protocol (electronic) which has the ability to support encryption, however it can’t promise one-in-one encryption. Even mail services from Google (gmail) which chains encryption between its personal server and the server of the recipient, can’t assure that the mail will remain secure between these two servers only. That is why it is important to encrypt a message, no matter whatever server you are using. When you encrypt a message you be sure that it will reach your area of interest only.

How it works:

Encryption is being done with the help of two individual keys- one private key and another public key. If you use the public key to encrypt a message, you need the private key to decrypt it. The working processes are as follows:

  • To send secure message within people you use the public key, but you have to keep the private key secret.
  • If someone wants to send you a message, he or she has to use the public key to encrypt the message. As you keep the private key secret, it is only you who can decipher the messages.

This is how encryption makes the process of email communication easy and secure. The public key can be circulated without negotiating with the security of the personal communications.

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