What Is A Keylogger Virus And How To Remove It

Keyloggers are tiny almost invisible applications that creep onto computer easily and record everything from keystore to clicking model easily.

Once it is through the setting of a PC, it works to send information to the host computer. From the inception of computer virus, users have succeeded to detect the functionality of different viruses and to innovate relevant protection as well. However, it seems a bit difficult, though not impossible, to detect the presence of keylogger so easily. Often referred as Keylogger Trojan, the virus actually is a piece of software that is on use to collect confidential information like bank password numbers, security numbers and credit card details from other computers.

However, it is true that not all keyloggers are malicious but they are hugely being used to do all these odd jobs and it is thus important to know the technique detect this Trojan in detail. Without adequate defense it will be hard to detect this virus and protect information from evil users, who hack your computer from distant places.


Keyloggers as a malicious software does different types of jobs. Nowadays, this virus is being sold as commercial software –something that can record its children’s online activities or a doubtful spouse may install to keep tabs on the partner. Keyloggers can:

  • Record all kind of keystrokes or sometime they are sophisticated enough to run particular activity like tracking web browser. As soon as it observes the desired behavior, keyloggers start working to capture confidential data.
  • There are a few websites which attempt to use keyloggers with the purpose to respond to visual cue with the use of mouse, instead of keyword. However, the fact is that some of the Trojans are potential enough to capture screen shot, and easily nullify this strategy of the user.
  • This Trojan tends to be the most resolute malware and take extra steps to privatize its presence, including via the use of rootkits.

How to detect:

A user has to take help of a simple process to detect the virus and to eradicate it from a system as the virus remains installed in more than hundred places of a computer. However, you can try with this process to detect whether a keylogger is running or not. While using the desktop, right click the task bar and then go to the task manager.

Alternately, you have to press the cntrl+Alt + Del concurrently to undo the task manager. The task manager will display a list of the applications currently running on the machine. Then go to the process tab and you will get information on both visible and invisible program.

Removal of keyloggers:

The best way to remove keyloggers is to make use of software that work in many ways to get rid of this hidden virus. It is quite easy to run software to remove keylogger. In order to make the most out of the software, it is imperative to run it at least once in a week. This is a must to keep a Trojan, like keylogger, at bay and to protect your data and necessary information from hackers. However, prior downloading any removal software makes sure you are shopping it from a reputed and authorized site. Else others can refill it with unwanted viruses, instead of cleaning it.

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