Vipre Antivirus

VIPRE Antivirus is designed in a great way with well combined antivirus features. It incorporates both antivirus and antispyware features and protects from Trojans, rootkits keyloggers, worms, malwares, dialers, malicious scripts and adwares among other threats to a PC.  It has been certified as an effective antivirus by the West Coast Labs as an effective that has given the checkmark certification. It uses an advanced heuristic technology to protect computers; this is what makes it always on top of the antivirus list. This technology makes it able to locate a malware before it harms a computer system. This program scans files so efficiently that the PC is not slowed down at all and is very simple to operate. One can schedule the scans and customize the settings as required with much ease.


This antivirus comes with various important security features for the benefit of the user. Among these are the secure eraser that permanently erases sensitive files from the computer protecting them from unauthorized access. A history cleaning tool is also inbuilt in this antivirus for effective covering of online activity tracks. These are just some of the added features available with this program that are not that easily available.

Protection from email borne attacks is very necessary and this is possible with VIPRE Antivirus, it actively scans all incoming emails and outbound mails so as to protect both your computer and those who are sending the emails. Many viruses have been spread to friends, colleagues and family simply by sending them emails, this antivirus effectively cuts the chain.
It gets updated automatically; however they can also be done manually. It runs the updates hourly if one decides to set it thus. This is the basis of its effectiveness in dealing with viruses and malwares among other threats. The update network works so efficiently that they are delivered to the computer as soon as there are needed.

Vipre Antivirus Download (free trial)

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