Top 5 Sources of Computer Virus Attack

The most potent and vulnerable threat of computer users is virus attacks. Virus attacks hampers important work involved with data and documents. It is imperative for every computer user to be aware about the software and programs that can help to protect the personal computers from attacks. One must take every possible measure in order to keep the computer systems free from virus attacks.  The top sources of virus attacks are highlighted below:

  • Downloadable Programs
  • Cracked Software
  • Email Attachments
  • Internet
  • Booting From CD

Downloadable Programs

One of the possible sources of virus attacks is downloadable programs from the web. Unreliable sources and internet newsgroups are one of the main sources of computer virus attacks. Downloadable files are one of the best possible sources of virus. Any type of executable program including games, freeware, screen savers as well as executable files are one of the major sources of computer virus attacks. Executable files having an extension of “.com”, “.exe” and “coolgame.exe” contain virus sources too. If in the case you want to download programs from the internet then it is necessary to scan every program before downloading them.

Cracked Software

Cracked Software proves to be yet another source of virus attacks. Most people who download cracked and illegal versions of software online are unaware about the reality that they may contain virus sources as well. Such cracked forms of illegal files contain viruses and bugs that are difficult to detect as well as to remove. Hence, it is always a preferable option to download software from the appropriate source.

Email Attachments

Email attachments are one of the other popular sources of computer virus attacks. Hence, you must handle email attachments with extreme care, especially if the email comes from an unknown sender. Installation of a good antivirus assumes prime necessity if one desires to eliminate the possibility of virus attacks. It is necessary to scan the email even if it comes from a friend. There exists a possibility that the friend may have unknowingly forwarded virus along with the email attachment.

Internet-Best Possible Source of Viruses

There can be no denying the fact that internet is one of the common sources of virus infection. This fact is not a real surprise and there is no point to stop accessing internet henceforth. Majority of all computer users are unaware as when viruses attack computer systems. Almost every computer user click/download everything that comes their way and hence unknowingly invites the possibility of virus attacks.

Booting from Unknown CD

One of the other sources of virus attacks is perhaps through an unknown CD. Most computer users believe that one of the most common ways of virus infection is through Data CD. It is a good practice to remove the CD when the computer system is not working. If you do not remove the CD after switching off the computer system then it is every possibility that the computer system may start to boot automatically from the disc.

This may enhance the possibility to install as well as launch files/programs on a specific computer system. Apart from the above-mentioned sources, file sharing network like Bearshare, Kazaa and Limewire are possible sources of virus attacks too. Hence, it is necessary to delete the downloaded files from the above-mentioned file sharing networks to eliminate possibility of virus infection.

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