Role of firewall as business network guard

If you are a regular internet user, you need to be very cautious about the web pages and the websites you visit. There are so many unknown online threats. Your computer may be affected by viruses which are nothing but programs which will affect your computer. There are many kinds of viruses like Trojan and backdoor viruses which will also allow any third person to hack your information. To avoid all these, you have to keep your computer well secured with updated with antivirus software. It is recommended to scan your hard drives at regular intervals to detect any infected files in your system. And also it is necessary to keep your operating system updated. Even after taking all these preventive measures, there is lot of chances of your system being affected by the virus.

Firewall saves your system from the threats

A firewall can serve as an efficient protecting tool for your system.  This is a security program which hinders the intrusion of any unwanted programs into your system from the network. This keeps the check on the unauthorized access to your computer.  It will automatically refuse and decrypt the unwanted information through the network. It can help you to save your data from the hands of hackers. It is considered as a wall which separates your system from the threats all over from the world.

Benefits of a Firewall security:

  • A firewall usually costs less
  • It has ability to detect viruses, worms and Trojans
  • It can be configured according to your preferences
  • Keeps your system well secured from the hackers

How the firewall protects your system:

With the help of the firewall software you can keep your system free from any virus attacks or worm attacks. Initially, when a harmful intrusion is trying to gain access to your database, the firewall will immediately flag the particular address. This will be noted into the database. Any future access will also be restricted to this address. They also control traffic in and out of your system by using certain methods like packet filtering, proxy service and careful inspections.

At first, all the data will be processed in small packets in small amounts.

Each packet will be passed through the filters. Only the packets that passed filters will be transferred to your system. In the proxy method, the information is gathered through the firewall and then they are transmitted to your system. In the third method, all the data packets are checked if they exist in the database. If they already exist in the database, they will be allowed to your system.

Functions of Firewall:

  • It creates a network address which hides your private address
  • Reduces the vulnerability of your system
  • Breaks the information to small packets which can be easily scanned
  • Serves as a security guard for more than one computer.

Cyber security is an important concept to follow. Get firewall security software which allows you to build the security wall according to your individual needs.

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