Microsoft Windows Defender

Microsoft Windows Defender has been included in Vista operating system and windows 7. The software specializes to detect different types of adware and work efficiently to catch spyware. Microsoft Windows Defender will provide with the opportunity to run scheduled and manual scan. Real time protection is default setting of the software. A user can easily pair this anti-virus software with other protective device like Spyware Doctor 2011. It helps to reduce any kind of negative affects that has been caused by Spyware which includes unfamiliar changes in the setting of internet, slow performance of the machine and hacking of personal information. Simultaneous protection enhances the power of internet browsing as it can guard in more than 50 ways to protect PCs from all kind of spyware. The software build developed methods to counteract both familiar and unfamiliar threats and keep your PC up to date.

Paid and free version:

Microsoft Windows Defender 32 bit is a free version of Microsoft Windows Defender. This version answer instantly to growing spyware problem in an effective manner and the security technology protect your PC from unwanted software. Helps to detect as well as remove software that may leave negative impact on the machine.

Windows defender AVG is a paid version of Microsoft windows defender. The software offer more flexibility than the free version. However, both the versions use the same technology that is heuristics. According to users this antivirus software takes less time to remove all kind of spyware from a PC. This version includes a feature to add the right to a tech support via e-mail.

Pros and cons:

This antivirus software work as a decent malware detector and it can schedule everything that it scans. However, a few users report that the paid version of the software takes a bit more tine to remove spyware. Else it is good to use this software.

Microsoft Windows Defender Download  ,4.9 MB /direct download

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