How to Use the System Restore Function in Windows 7

The System Restore function was one of the most useful features in Windows XP. This handy feature allows users to go back in time and undo recent changes that made the system unstable or caused other problems.

Many owners of Windows 7 computers do not realize that the System Restore function they found so useful in Windows XP is still there in the new operating system. In fact System Restore is an integral part of Windows 7, and it serves the same function it did in earlier version of Windows.

Running System Restore in Windows 7 is easy. Just follow the steps outlined below.

Click the Windows button at the bottom left-hand side of the screen

Navigate to Start, then All Programs and choose System Tools

Click on the System Restore option

Click Next to see a list of available restore points.

Choose a restore point with a date and time prior to when you started experiencing problems

Click Next and then Finish to begin the restoration. The computer will automatically restart after the restoration is complete.
by beconrad

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