How to Scan and Repair Your Windows Registry Using CCleaner

One of the many worthwhile functions available in the free CCleaner utility is the ability to scan and repair your Windows registry. The Windows registry is like a giant instructional database for your computer. Windows uses the information in the registry to perform even the most basic functions on your machine. Errors in the registry can, at best, cause your computer to dramatically slow down. At worst, errors in the registry can cause your computer to fail at accessing various types of information. CCleaner can find and repair all these errors in just a few mouse clicks.

Step 1

Download and install the free version of CCleaner from its official website (if you haven’t already). CCleaner is also available in a “premium” version, but you don’t have to spend the additional money to scan and repair your registry. If all you want to use are the registry tools, don’t bother paying for the full version of the program.

Step 2

Launch CCleaner. A shortcut icon labeled “CCleaner” was added to your desktop during the program’s installation. Double click the icon to launch the program.

Step 3

Click the blue button labeled “Registry” from the column on the left side of the CCleaner window. You can also access the same button with a keyboard shortcut by holding the “ALT” and “G” keys at the same time.

Step 4

Check all of the boxes in the “Registry Cleaner” column on screen. These boxes tell CCleaner which portions of your registry it needs to check for errors. Checking all the boxes will check all the sections of your registry.

Step 5

Click the button labeled “Scan for Issues.” CCleaner will take the next few minutes to scan your registry and list any issues that it finds on screen.

When the status on the scan reaches 100%, click the grey button labeled “Fix Selected Issues.” Click the “Yes” button in the window that pops up to create a backup of your registry. While this will likely be an unnecessary step, it’s better to have your backup in case something goes wrong than not have it and permanently alter your registry.

Click the grey button in the window on screen reading “Fix All Selected Issues.” CCleaner will take the necessary steps to fix all identified issues, leaving you with a Windows registry that is free of all errors.

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