How to Run a Full System Scan in Norton Internet Security

Running a quick scan of your computer’s hard drive using Norton Internet Security will check only the directories on your computer where viruses are most likely to be. While these quick scans are capable of weeding out a lot of threats and getting them off your machine, you can’t expect a quick scan to find every last piece of malicious software on your hard drive. Performing a full system scan of your computer in Norton Internet Security is the only way to be completely sure that your computer and the content contained on it is safe.

Step 1

Open the Norton Internet Security software on your computer. You can accomplish this by using either the shortcut icon that was created on your desktop during the original Norton Internet Security installation or by clicking on the icon in the “Norton” folder of your computer’s “Start” menu.

Step 2

Click one time on the button labeled “Scan Now” in the center of the Norton Internet Security program window. A new section detailing a list of options related to the scanning of your computer will expand across the middle portion of the window.

Step 3

Select the option reading “Full System Scan.” Norton Internet Security will immediately begin scanning your computer for viruses, spyware and all other types of malicious programs.

Step 4

Use the drop down menu labeled “On scan completion” to tell Norton Internet Security what to do when the scan completes. You can choose to have your computer remain powered on or have it automatically shut itself down based on your preferences.

Step 5

Wait patiently for Norton Internet Security’s full system scan to complete. Depending on both the overall speed of your computer and the total number of files on your hard drive, this could take an hour or more. Any viruses that the program identifies will be automatically quarantined from the rest of the files on your hard drive and deleted for the maximum safety of your machine.

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