How to remove “Windows Firewall Unit” Virus from your system

New viruses are being developed all the time and they keep creeping into your system. Another virus is added to the ever growing list, and this the Windows firewall unit virus, which make way into your system by installing itself and then results into various damages to your system. The technical world this virus is categorized as a spyware and it is not just an ordinary virus. This virus has the capability of controlling different aspects of your system, and the primary problem with this virus is that removing it is pretty difficult.

Features to look for

Windows Firewall Unit virus is a software program, which can block the antivirus running in your system, making it more difficult to eliminate it from the system, so you should be wary while dealing with this virus. There are two primary features, which you have to consider while removing this virus. These include:

  • You have to regain the control over your system, and
  • You should delete all the settings and files that the virus installs in your system, once it enters in it.

Completing these two steps will help you to remove this virus from your system.

Steps to remove the virus manually

Although, Windows Firewall Unit appears like a normal antivirus program, but it should be removed as it is actually a virus. You should not fall for its scanners and alerts, and should remember to take the following steps to remove it:

  • Restart your computer and boot it in safe mode, as in this way, your system will not run Windows firewall unit, making it easy for you to remove it.
  • You will then have to manually delete the settings and files placed by this virus
  • For deleting the settings and files, you will have to access folder of user profile\application data, and then go to Microsoft and delete all the files by yourself.

Other ways than removing manually

An alternative to removing the virus manually is to download an application designed for removing such spyware, and then running it on your system. You should keep in mind that if you make any mistakes in the manual removal process, then the virus can repair itself and can affect your system again. This is the reason why manual removal is recommended for specialists and experienced users. For those, who does not possess much knowledge about spyware removal, it is better to use an application in the first instance.

Things to remember while using a spyware removal application

When you use a spyware removal application, make sure that you boot your system in the safe mode only, as then only you will be able to remove the virus from your system. Another important point to consider is the removal of the registry entries of the Windows Firewall Unit virus. In this way, you will be able to get rid of this infection and can gain control of your system. Make sure that you use an application from a reliable source, so that you can remove the virus completely from your system.

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