How to Protect Mac OS X from Malware

There’s no question that Mac computers have a good reputation when it comes to durability and features. In fact, many businesses today prefer using the Apple computer OS instead of Windows by Microsoft. Despite its excellent performance however, the Mac is not really exempted from virus attacks.

How to Protect Mac (OS X) from Malware
Unfortunately, once a virus sticks to the Mac OS X software, the user will need to remove it using specific techniques. Depending on the intruder, the owner might need to obtain special programs to pursue the removal process. This is why more often than not, Mac owners invest in making sure that the security is not breached in the first place.

In order to protect Mac (OS X) from malware, individuals have the choice over several types of programs and techniques including, but not limited to, the following:

• Mac Gatekeeper – specifically created by Apple, the Gatekeeper is designed to prevent malware attacks. It stops people from downloading harmful applications to their operating system by posting warnings and giving users the chance to accept or deny the program. The Gatekeeper is currently available online and has been especially fitted for the Mac OSX Mountain Lion.

• Removing MacDefender – lots of people have actually installed this program believing that it is an antivirus for the Mac OS. This is actually the most common malware currently circulating among Mac users. Fortunately, removing it doesn’t require special programs but only necessitates following several steps. Start off by stopping the process from the task manager and then deleting the item through System Preferences. From there, the MacDefender can be uninstalled successfully from the Applications folder.

• Turn off the automatic opening of “safe” files such as movies, sounds and pictures. Instead, check the downloaded items manually and opening them only after viewing the extension and running it through a Mac virus checker. Although this might take some time, the process can weed out malware before it starts running.

• A Java-based malware known as Flashback K has also been a problem for many Mac OS X users. The software exploits a weakness in the Java program and systematically ruins the ability of the computer to run properly. In order to get rid of this malware, owners will need to turn off Java in their computer and browser.

• Stay updated with news from the Mac team or trusted sources in the event that new malware turn up. New viruses often turn up multiple times throughout the year, making it necessary for owners to be extra careful. It is usually best to download files that have been pre-approved to minimize malware risks.

When it comes right down to it, there is no single program that can protect Mac (OS X) from malware completely. This is why constantly updating the antivirus software and performing a full system scan routinely is crucial. Mac owners are also advised to avoid downloading programs they don’t know to the Mac or allowing unfamiliar connections. This way, the chances of a malware setting up shop in the PC will be limited.

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