How to make best use of the antivirus software?

Computer Viruses have ability to paralyze your computer and also cause immense time with corrupt programs and files. The possible loss caused by virus and other malicious software programs are

1.Loss of precious data of the organization. This may result in tremendous monetary loss directly and loss of business.

2.Increased downtime which will result in loss of business.

3.Costs incurred because of data recovery and setting up the systems in working condition.

In view of the tremendous loss, all PC users must employ suitable antivirus programs to safeguard their systems being infected from virus. Virus infects the systems from number of routes like email attachments, emails and visiting some websites. Once the virus code enters the system it duplicates itself and affects many files. A good antivirus has features to protect from all these possible threats. In order to protect your system safe it is absolutely necessary to take following steps:

Choose good antivirus software from a reputed vendor.

Check whether the antivirus you purchase is backed by online support.

Install the antivirus software on your PC and register the same.

Be sure to keep the software up to date. This is crucially important step as the antivirus software gets updated to cater to new virus found on the internet. If the antivirus software is not updated, the existing protection will not be useful against a new threat.

While working on your systems, there are additional points you have to keep in mind to safeguard against attack of virus.

1.When you open a downloaded program or file from unknown source like a website you are visiting for first time, pen drive or data disc be sure to run the antivirus check on these. Good antivirus software warns you automatically about the threat.

2.Do not open emails from unknown sources.

3.Delete the temporary internet files regularly.

4.It is a wise precaution to back up your data regularly to avoid crash due to virus attacks.

Antivirus software programs offer many services to keep your systems safe from the threat of virus and other malicious programs. To get the best security you must,

Regularly scan your computer with the antivirus program and run different utilities.

You can choose to scan full computer, critical areas, files and folders only and local discs. Periodic scanning helps to avoid the risk to a great extent.

There are certain malicious viruses that attack the antivirus software itself! This makes your computer highly vulnerable to full damage by virus. In such situations online support from your antivirus vendor can help to remove the virus.

Antivirus software offers protection against viruses as well as spyware, Trojans, worms and backdoors. You must be well versed with the tools that are offered by your antivirus program so that you can use them effectively. These tools are used to protect from threats like Phishing, data theft and possible infection from USB drives.

Use the antivirus for other functions like disc defragmentation, registry cleaner and secure deleting operations. With all these tools you can be assured of maximum protection from virus and other threats.

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