How to keep your system free of virus attacks

Internet has become an integral part of our life as we make use of it for numerous purposes. It really hampers our workflow or other tasks if the computer suffers from virus attacks. We must know how to defend our system against different kinds of online attacks. As the technology is progressing, the malice-makers and the hackers are hell bent on inventing new threats. You may just click an URL and your system will get infected with a Trojan Horse or something else. Therefore, you must take proper actions to keep your system free of virus attacks and here are some important points that you may consider.

Abide By A Few ‘Don’ts’

  • Stay away from downloading unsure attachments
  • Stay away from sharing data CDs
  • Stay away booting from unknown CD
  • Before using, scan the files
  • Ensure frequent antivirus updates

Get a Good Anti Virus Software

Numerous antivirus software programs are available in the market. Select a reputed one and make sure you use the latest version. Good software will be able to deal with advanced complex attacks with the combination of high-end backup technologies, anti-spam, anti-phishing, anti-spyware, anti-virus, and firewall.

Though antivirus tools are available in plenty, selecting from the best options is essential to ensure proper protection against the varied types of threats. It is essential to conduct frequent scans so that you can detect and remove threats or attacks that can damage your system. So, the important things to consider for the usage of antivirus software include:

  • Select a good tool
  • Conduct frequent scanning
  • Keep your PC updated

Disable Automatic Opening of Attachments

Enable your antivirus software with automatic update for scanning all attachments. Do not get lured by the attractive graphics of some attachments and make sure you disable the automatic opening of them.

Keep Automatic OS Update On

Enabling automatic updates of the operating system ensures security against the vulnerabilities that are known. It defends the computer against installing spyware and Trojan.

Ensure Immediate Protection

Make the antivirus run all time. In fact, configure it to start when your operating system boots. While working it is quite possible that you do not remember to scan every file or attachments. If you configure the anti virus tool to start automatically, then it will ensure immediate protection.

Keep Yourself Informed

It is also essential to remain informed about the latest news on computer virus and threats. You can check out the websites of the leading antivirus companies or simply Google for it.

What to Do If Virus Has Already Attacked the System
All the above aspects state what you should do to protect your system from virus attacks or threats. It is quite possible that your system is already attacked because of an accident or carelessness. So what you should do?  Get good software for PC back-up and run it on your system. This software will take back up of the hard drive and help you to clean the system.

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