How to backup your data in case your system is under virus attack

Virus attack on the systems has become quite common nowadays. One of the most worrying aspect is as finer does the anti virus system gets, so does the virus. Virus attacks on the system, thus, have become part and parcel and it is on our part to take care of it from time to time. Nothing can be worse than data loss which is caused because of virus attack in the system. In order to prevent your system from virus attack, one need to be up to date as for the software that are available.

It is absolutely necessary to take out the data to a more secure zone once your system is attacked by virus. If you do not act soon, then the virus and malicious material will percolate into the data and important information that you have stored up in the system. This will cause you a lot of damage to both your privacy. Ensure that you create a good back up before the virus completely damages the data. On virus attack, the hard drive will face a big blow and all the data in it will be deleted. It’s quite hard to take in such a situation hence it is necessary to make the necessary measures well before.

Data to back up:

  • Documents
  • Media files
  • Application data
  • Heirlooms

How you can back up:

  • Transfer the data to the system
  • Copy all the data manually
  • Back up the data to the Cloud
  • Back up the data in DVD, CD and external hard drives
  • USB storage

Back up to external Media:

It is not necessary that you need to be using the more complicated mechanisms to store data always. You can also make use of the simple ones such as DVD, CD, flash drives and the likes to get the information stored. One can also activate the automatic back up mechanism so that you will not miss out on any data in the process but the automatic back up system is available in only few of the operating systems.

Check for automatic back up system:

Be aware of the back up processes involved in different operating system. The more advanced form of operating system will generally come with an automatic back up system. If not then you need to make use of the other back up methods like cloud, transfer of data and manual copy. Manual copying is quite a tedious task and it is best one makes use of an effective tool for the purpose.

Protecting your system is absolutely necessary if you own one. Make sure that you update the system software and applications from time to time so that you are not left behind when it comes to safety and security aspects. If you do not have an automatic back up system, make sure that you follow a routine in initiating the back up process as one does not know when the system comes under the virus attack.

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