How popup blocker helps your system to stay away from viruses?

The pop-ups that generally creep into your system when you establish an internet connection seems very tempting because of the banners and ads, but these can be an attempt to get unauthorized access into your system. Sometime the pop-ups warn you of a virus attack or provide some other warnings or when you visit a site, many pop-ups attack your screen. If you have experienced any of these nuisances, then it is time to get a pop-up blocker. Such a tool helps you to keep away from tempting pop-ups, which can be a distraction for users while surfing the web.

Why should you install a pop-up blocker program?

Even though pop-ups are not always harmful for your system, but in worse situations, these can consist of links of infected websites, through which malware writers try to infect your system. The pop-ups serve as a gateway for the viruses and spyware to enter into your system and then create havoc. This is the reason why you should opt for a pop-up blocker. Either you can go for a software-based blocker or a browser based pop-up blocker based on the kind of protection you need. These blockers help in protecting your system in many different ways.

Ways in which a pop-up blocker prevent a virus attack

The functions that a pop-blocker renders to keep you away from viruses include:

  • Distinguishing pop-ups- A pop-up blocker is capable of distinguishing normal pop-up ads from malicious ones and blocks them instantly.
  • Scan web pages: An advanced pop-up blocker can scan web pages to find codes of a program, which might open new windows, and then it deactivates such commands.
  • Find code on activation triggers: At times, you might activate a code while scrolling over activation trigger. A quality pop-blocker can detect such codes and prevents them from activating.

Blockers integrated in browsers

The pop-up blockers that are integrated in web browsers also helps to prevent viruses from entering into your system, but these might not be as powerful as software-based blockers. These pop-up blockers are generally free and come with your browser. A few of the browsers also comes with a pop-up suppressor. This minimizes the pop-up windows. However, such software can be less effective as compared to other pop-up blocker software, as it works together with an internet browser. Browsers might not be able to stop pop-ups, which are generated through complicated programming, so it is better to go for professional pop-up blocker software.

Other useful functions of pop-up blockers

Some of the other functions that a pop-up blocker performs to keep your system virus free include:

  • A pop-up blocker deletes cookies, temporary internet files, and cache
  • Clean up index.dat files
  • Blocks flash ads, inline videos, background sounds, etc
  • Put forward privacy-protection technology for preventing your home page from resetting
  • Protect your system’s proxy settings
  • Blocks messenger spam ads as well

A reliable pop-up blocker can prevent ads that annoy you and bring spyware to your system. Not only can you block such ads, you can also protect your personal information and internet activities with a good pop-up blocker program.

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