How encryption make sure your system safe from viruses

What is Encryption? What is a key? How encryption make sure your system safe from viruses ,Most people define encryption as the conversion of data. The conversion of data is such that ordinary individuals cannot easily understand it. The conversion of data takes place to a form called cipher text. The term opposite to encryption is decryption. Decryption is the conversion of encrypted data back to the original form. According to the modern definition, encryption refers to algorithmic schemes that encode plain text to non-readable form. The receiver of encrypted data receives a key, which helps to decrypt the concerned message. The key helps to return the encrypted message back to its original form. One must realize the fact that until the advent of internet, concept of encryption was mainly popular among military personnel. Nowadays, with the gradual of internet, the concept of encryption has gained popularity in healthcare, online marketing and banking sectors too.

Types of Encryption and its Uses

In modern days, even an ordinary household understands the concept of encryption. Many types of Encryption are available. The main two types of encryption are as follows:

  • 128-bit Encryption
  • 64-bit Encryption

In the modern days, 128-bit encryption is the common choice. Encryption has gained immense popularity in the wireless communication sector. The main reason for the enhanced use of encryption in wireless communication is simply that it is easier to tap as compared to hard-wired counterparts. Encryption is always a preferred choice for carrying out activities that demand high security.

Use of Encryption

Encryption is useful in the under mentioned activities:

  • Online Purchase of Credit Card
  • Discussion of Organizational Secret
  • Banking Transfer Details

One must remember that the higher the strength of the cipher, greater the effort required to break the encrypted information. With the increase in the strength of encryption, associated cost increases as well.

Information about Key

One of the other basic elements of encryption is Key. Key is an essential term used in conjunction with an algorithm. The main purpose of using a Key is to determine the manner in which communication occurs in an encrypted state. Key is responsible for determining the exact possibilities that comes as a result on a specific occasion. It is necessary to use identical key in order to facilitate the communication between two encryptors. It is always a good idea to alter the keys on a frequent basis. The modern day encryptors make use of separate keys in order to protect various parts of a communication process. Traffic keys offer protection to the main body of communication. Every unit generates traffic keys and the exchange occurs in a secure manner as well.  One can always make use of encryption tool in order to lock down files.

Encryption prevents viruses and other forms of malicious users from modifying, renaming, deleting, moving and reading the documents as well. Encryption is the most effective tool that truly provides the last line of defense against computer hackers. Unauthorized local users as well as online users will be unable to modify or access data. Prevention of unauthorized access is equally important to encryption of valuable data as well.

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