Advanced technologies used in the Anti-Virus Software

Nowadays, a huge number of PCs are being victim of virus and to protect this device from virus attack, different effective and useful technologies are coming to the fore. Without the use of proper anti-virus software, it is hard to run a PC peacefully. Every new day we are supposed to hear a latest danger to our PCs and now they are coming quicker even before. Traditional anti-virus software are not enough efficient to build a protective shield for PCs, which a technically advanced antivirus software can do easily. More advance technology means more protection and here we will discuss how this technology is being applied to protect our favorite and important devices.

The technology:

Technically advanced software is quite different from traditional software in terms of functionality and effectiveness. Normal anti-virus software needs a test and then a threat before they provide required protection. However, technically advanced software can detect malicious behavior, (who is stealing the data, or capturing the key strokes) etc instead of detecting the normal threats. A few software’s can implement sophisticated behavioral analyst to stop zero-day threats simply by detecting the malicious activity. The active defense technology tender protection against all kind of (both familiar and unfamiliar) internet threats like buffer, Trojans, spyware, keyloggers, adware, rootkits, overflows and different other malware. The incorporated technology in this type of anti-virus software works to:

  • ·Paralyze or hunt down the threats those are either too clever or a too updated to be detected by non-tech or traditional software.
  • ·Uses of advanced technology in anti-virus software have simplified the process of using this software even for non-technical folks.
  • ·Automated threat analysis technology save a PC from dangerous threats like Trojan ADH, Malware Sality, Trojan DL, Banload WOG, Net –Worm, Trojan Conficker.

For offices:

The desktops or the machines that are being used in offices need more protection than the PCs that we use at home. At present different anti-virus software is being designed with the purpose to be used for official needs only. These types of software make use of such technologies that protects both medium and small sized computer networks that are being used in enterprises. Office security technology, which is being used in anti-virus software, offers effective and reliable protection against different malicious program.

  • ·All these software make use of Heuristic analyzer to detect unfamiliar malicious program. Code translation processor handles cryptors, polymorphous viruses and packers.
  • ·Malware scope technology improves the efficiency of the Vba32 products and keeps different viruses away.
  • ·A few software’s make use of delta patch technology which updates time and reduces internet traffic.
  • ·This type of software offer anti- virus protection for the files that are being controlled by windows.

Other issues:

Most of the antivirus software makes use of technologies that give them a clean interface to be used easily, help to get commanding scanning engine, lightweight web browsing guard and heuristic built monitor.

These advanced technologies are hard to found in traditional anti-virus software and that is why technically advanced software has been a must for all PCs and desktops.

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