Worst damage a virus can cause to your system

Virus is the worst enemy of a system that can cause multiple damages to it and sometime may prove fatal for the entire system. If you don’t take care of the issue properly it is quite possible that you have to spend a lot of money to get a new one, which seems impossible sometime. If a system acquire virus, there is huge possibility that you loss all your necessary information as drive or software can often crash due to virus attack. This is a very common issue that you often face; however there are other facts as well that you should know in detail to decide how important it is to make use of anti-virus devices in a system.


Computer virus can do something more than what you think. Every single document that has been stored in the hard drive will lost forever if you don’t free your system of virus. Losing personal information is a nightmare and it can ruin a project or your entire effort in just a few a minute. You can buy a new computer, but it is quite impossible to get back all those important documents once they are lost from the system.

A few people believe that using antivirus is not a mandatory task when you are using a PC. However, they must remember that total system failure is another issue and most of the time virus seems responsible for this incident. It can happen to both PCs and several desktops as well.

Virus also gets access to e-mails and often interrupts the process of net surfing in many ways. All your personal contacts and related information get exposed to public due to virus attack. If a system gets victim of virus it can affect other systems as well and this scenario is quite common in the offices as a huge number of systems are in use their.

Other Issues:

As computer viruses are of different type, individual virus affects a system in individual ways.

  • There are few viruses that affect server mostly if not the PCs actually.
  • As these viruses go the server, it works very slowly.
  • This type of virus generates IP address randomly and sends those IP address automatically
  • If that particular IP address is computer running and is copy of SQL server, the system will fire that virus off to different other haphazard IP addresses. This kind of virus can affect your system in only 10 minutes.

Buffer Overflow:

Buffer overflow is also a result of virus attack that affects a system very badly. The virus take advantage of an overflow susceptibility in an IIS servers and can self- replicate it by exploiting the same susceptibility in different other MS IIS machines. When a virus affected system receive excessive information it can’t handle them and become a victim of buffer overflow. Due to buffer overflow, a system often shuts down, which is not only embarrassing, but also an irritating situation as well.

These are the worst damages that your system often faces due to virus attack. However, if you make use of proper anti-virus system you can keep all these issues at bay.



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