Norton Antivirus

Norton antivirus is one of the applications that have a history of protecting files and documents against malware and Trojans.


In terms of performance, Norton is among the best. It is very effective in detecting and removing malware and other harmful things from the computer. In fact, this antivirus is Av test certified. Av is one of the major antivirus testing laboratories in the world. This antivirus software scans the computer many times to remove any unwanted programs and files in the computer.

This application does not only scan the machine but also scans anything that is accessed through the machine. This includes emails, attachments sent through the internet and downloads made. It also protects your computer from accessing websites that are deemed unsafe for accessing. In such cases, a warning is given by the antivirus that you are accessing unsafe website. When using USB devices to transfer files to the computer, Norton antivirus scans all the files and documents to ascertain they are not infected. An unwanted programs and infected files are quarantined or deleted by the antivirus at once. Installation of the application is quite simple and easy. It does not take a lot of space and memory making it quite fast. Scanning the computer, attachments, emails and USB devices is also quite fast.

Where to purchase the software

Norton antivirus can be purchased from major computer shops or can be downloaded from the main page of the Norton website. Downloads can also be done from online stores that have been licensed by Norton. Such stores usually have the download link from Norton.  In case you get a problem with the application, you can always contact Norton service provider. They have support that is ready to assist you at all times. The support is available through chat, email and phone number 24 hours a day seven days a week.

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