Norton 360

NortonNorton 360 reviews indicate that this security software is one of the best in the market today. One of the major characteristics of this software is the fact that it is very small in size.


The small size of this application makes it very easy and fast to install into the computer. Norton 360 reviewers who have used the software claim that it took less than two minutes to install into the PC. Installing is not the only thing fast with Norton 360. Scanning the computer using this software takes about two minutes or less depending on the files you have in the computer. This has made the tool to be appreciated by many people because they do not have to wait for long when using it.


Norton 360 also guarantees the safety of your computer when using the internet. This is facilitated by the two add-ons added to the browser when the software is installed. The two add-ons ensure that your information is protected and does not leak to unauthorized people. It also protects the computer from intrusion by malware and other dangerous files. Safety of the computer is also guaranteed when transferring files to the computer. If some of the files are infected and you are using USB, the files are detected and disinfected immediately.

Norton 360 reviews also indicate that this tool also comes with a backup feature. Users are provided with a 2G back up at any given time. All the information is backed up there just in case. If something happens and you lose the information, you can be able to retrieve the most important using Norton 360. All these services are provided at the cost of $ 159.98 for a two year license. This is way cost effective because of the longer duration. There are not many security providers that provide two year licenses.

Norton 360 Free Download (trial version) ,Version 5.0, Last updated on February 15, 2012 ,Windows 7 / XP / XP Pro / Vista  , 79.09 MB

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