Worst Malware threats you should know before facing it

If you use the internet regularly, then you might surely have faced a malware attack. However, the threat does not end here, as different malwares are written everyday and your computer is at risk from many new malware, you might not even know about. So just, make sure that you do your homework on malware ahead in time even before facing them. If you keep an eye on the malware list, then you can be prepared to protect your system from their damaging effect.

WordPress Blog plugins

The WordPress blog plugins consist of vulnerable and unpatched site code, which can become a very big problem in the time to come. Some of the important points you should know include:

  • A large number of keylogger malware can be a trouble for internet users, as these has the capability of redirecting users to exploit kit.
  • Through these malwares one can upload a code on web pages of others
  • Some of the main malwares of this category include Zbot, Zeus, FTP passwords as well as some other stored credentials.

Such malware have started to attack many sites and the results are pretty scary as well.


If you are on facebook, then you should also be aware of malware that can enter this way straight into your system. This malware is a worm named Koobface, which can infect your user profile on sites such as MySpace and Facebook. Similar to Conficker Koobface, this worm also comes with a dynamic update routine, which provides it a way to expand its range of networks and payloads for executing on systems that can be compromised. This spreads malicious links into reliable networks and increases the chances of its diffusion at the same time.

Malware threat of malicious spam

Malicious spam is another malware, which you should be prepared to face anytime, and it is getting worst with time. The malware writers come up with new ways of malware attacks and spams are one of the most common ways of such attacks. In the coming time, malicious spam will try to enter your system by all the ways possible. This can be from sources such as:

  • Email and social networks
  • Missed deliveries
  • Shipping confirmations
  • Reversed credit warnings
  • Credit card statements
  • Utility bills
  • Online order confirmations
  • Friend notification emails
  • Bank statements
  • Rejection notices of electronic fund transfers

Other malwares in the list

The list is ever growing and ISASS.EXE is another addition to the list of worst malware that can damage your system. This malware is registered as Optix pro Trojan and it has a payload, which is capable of disabling firewalls in your system as well as local security protections. This malware also consist of backdoor ability to enable a hacker to get complete access to your infected system. NVCPL.EXE is a portion of W32.SpyBot.S worm, and it can take benefit of Windows LSASS exposure that can make a buffer overflow, which force your system to stop functioning. It might not be very destructive, but can be a malware, especially if it enters the address book of your email.

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