Why Your Windows Computer Needs Anti-virus Software

Windows users should be very familiar with anti-virus software by now. Viruses, spyware, and other, malicious programs have threatened these machines for decades. However, some users either don’t think about their anti-virus protection or insist that they don’t need any.

“I don’t look at porn.”
Pornographic Web sites aren’t the only ones that people target. Browsing an Internet forum, visiting a social-networking site, or opening an e-mail from a trusted friend can all expose a computer or entire network to malicious software.

“I don’t pirate software.”
Legitimate software distributions are usually virus free, but they aren’t all safe 100 percent of the time. People sometimes target software vendors’ sites and programs, which is a good way to stealthily spread viruses. You don’t expect a big-name software developer’s installation file to be infected, after all.

“I don’t have money for an anti-virus program.”
Some very-good programs are legitimately free. AVG, for example, has a free edition for home users. FileHippo.com and SourceForge.net are good places to look for programs. Some are freeware, but others aren’t. Double check before you download so you know what to expect.

“I don’t know which anti-virus is best.”
It’s hard to determine which program is best. There are lots of variables and, every time a developer updates the software, there’s a chance that the improvements actually made some things worse. For now, find a trusted anti-virus program and make it scan your entire system. This is better than not having any protection while you keep researching to find the best anti-virus for your system and needs.

“Most viruses aren’t big deals.”
Some viruses are little more than pranks, but what about the ones that delete your files, access private information like bank-account logins, or add your machine to a malicious botnet that attacks other computers and systems? Being infected with just one of the nastier viruses can make your life chaotic for hours or even days.

The bottom line is that, if you have a Windows computer, you need an anti-virus. There are plenty of legally free options, all of which are just a download away.

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