Keep Your PC Running Smoothly With Some Simple Maintenance

There are three simple things that you can do to keep your computer running quickly and efficiently. Just makes sure to regularly defragment the disk, perform disk cleanup, and run a good adware and malware scanner. This article describes how to do these three things, and it also gives suggestions for some free programs that you can use.
 By Eva Kurilova

Many people expect their computers to get slower over time, chalking it up to an inevitable consequence of old computer age. But the truth is that there is no reason why your computer shouldn’t run as quickly and smoothly as the day you got it. All it requires is some simple and regular maintenance with built in Windows utilities or free-to-download programs.

1) Defragment the disk

Over time, a computer’s efficiency may be hampered by a fragmented disk, making it harder to quickly access the correct files and data. Using the inbuilt Windows utility called Disk Defragmenter is a great way to increase your computer’s speed and start-up time. Simply open your start menu and type Disk Defragmenter into the search box. Once it is open just select the disk you would like to defragment and click the “Defragment disk” button. The process may take only a few minutes to several hours, depending on how fragmented the disk is. With regular maintenance you should find the time decreasing. Disk Defragmenter can handily be set to run on a schedule.

2) Perform a disk cleanup

Disk Cleanup is another handy Windows utility that will help your system run faster by removing unnecessary files and clearing up a lot of space. It can be found in the same way as Disk Defragmenter. It will only remove files that you no longer need, such as temporary files or files in the recycling bin, so don’t worry about accidentally deleting anything important. Simply select the disk and run it. You may also want to download a free program called CCleaner. It’s quick, easy to use, and customizable.

3) Run a good adware and malware scanner

Keeping your computer free of adware and malware is absolutely essential to keeping it running smoothly, as well as for protecting yourself and your personal information. One of the very best and free programs of this sort is Spybot Search & Destroy. This program has been a trusted name in getting rid of malicious software for years. It is easy to use and constantly updated, ensuring that it is able to catch the latest threats. Simply install Spybot Search & Destroy and follow the straightforward instructions to run it. It should take no more than about half an hour to run, but don’t worry if it takes more. You are prompted to remove any threat that Spybot Search & Destroy finds, and if you have kept it properly updated than it should have no trouble getting the job done.

Remembering to perform these three tasks weekly, or at the very least monthly, should help keep your computer in good shape and keep it running without much noticeable loss to its speed and efficiency over time.


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