How to uninstall /remove combofix

If you need to uninstall/remove the combofix from your computer system, you can take the below steps. it will remove combofix and all backups,quarantines that combofix created when it scaned your computer system.

windows xp /Windows Vista / Windows 7

1,Click on the “Start” button.

2,Select Run ( if on windows xp).

3,Copy combofix /uninstall into the box ,click on the OK button ,(why copy? thers is an space between the fix and the /u) ,combofix will work itself,click OK if there is any dialog box.

4,Now, combofix has uninstalled from your computer system,finally delete the ComboFix.exe .

Combofix is a free tool that removes malware ,spyware ,rootkits, and Trojans. you can download the combofix.exe and save it on your computer or USB flash drive, if your computer system is infected with malware,virus and can not connect internet or only be restar in  safe mode  ,you can scan your computer by combofix on your computer or on your USB flash drive.

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