How iWork Trojan Affects Mac Computer?

iWork  is being used widely for both personal and professional purposes. Apple has designed this software with the purpose to streamline, automate and enhance the flow of work of different Mac computer users and that is why it has incorporated a few trait improvements and interface tweaks in it. However, there are a few malicious people who are trying to demean the services of Apple by delivering a few pirated version of the software. They who use the pirated versions for their Mac computer often face a few troubles as the products affect the Mac machines in many ways, instead of protecting them.

How It Affects:

Some users of Mac computers opt for the pirated products as it help them to save a few extra bucks from the original purchase. However, they are not aware of the facts how these pirated versions affect the machine. Due to installing this pirated version your machine becomes a victim of Trojan Horse virus, especially of OSX, Trojan services. Once the virus enters Mac machine, it causes havoc to the system.

  • This Trojans can automatically install itself in Startup of the machine as root and can easily transmit its location.
  • It opens the avenue for malicious users of remote areas to take control of the machine.
  • As it has original access to the operating system of the machine, Trojan works not only to set up other components but also modifies the obtainable applications. Once they are modified, it seems difficult for the user to remove them.

Record says that a huge number of professionals have used the infected software and have been victim of Trojan viruses.


iWork Trojan horse harm Mac machines and creates a lot of trouble for the users. However, if you detect the virus you must try to remove it as early as possible. Removing Trojan horse is not a tough job and you can do it yourself with little technical knowledge and without using costly anti-malware systems. Follow the steps thoroughly and remove Trojan on your own.

  • In order to unlock “Find Dialog Box” click the F and CCOMMAND keys.
  • Search for the following folders and delete them. Drag all the folders in the trash icon of your desktop to delete all of them. Here are the folders you have to delete, IWork services, Bin, Library, System, USR, Sturtup items.
  • After deleting the folders, you have to delete the same mentioned files.
  • To unfill the trash can of the system you have to press the COMMAND, SHIFT and DELETE keys concurrently. This option will help to delete all the folders and the files from your machine permanently.
  • Last but not the least, restart the machine to get rid of iWork Trojan successfully.


A few people prefer using Trojan removal tools to save their Mac computer. This is undoubtedly a good choice however; you have to choose the tools carefully. Always go for a reputed and trusted brand to shop for the tools.

As prevention is better than cure, it will be much better if you use the original versions of iWork  instead of shopping the cheap pirated versions.


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