Comodo Firewall

Comodo firewall is of two types. Firewall with optimum protective defense and the other one is the firewall with maximum protective defense. The later one does the job of Optimum defense firewall and in addition tender effective protection against all kind of leaks. This firewall also works to provide you with information on things like open ports in your PC, which are being sent via internet. While downloading the software you will be provided with the option to select which firewall you want to download. As it is a matter of protection of PCs, people often opt for the higher level of protection and it has been noticed that a majority of user opt for the later version of Comodo firewall, which is firewall with optimum protective defense. However, a user can change the level of defense while running the program. A few users say that installing the product is a complicated issue and requires a close concentration.

Free and paid version:

Comodo 5.8 64 bit is the free version of Comodo Firewall. The software offers effective protection against Trojans, Malware, Viruses, Hackers, and all kind of internet threats. This software use unique Deny Protection. As soon as other applications or files knock a PC, the software checks all those files with the help of Safe list. This is learning piece of software that which is able to recognize downloads and alters the attentive accordingly.

Comodo firewall 32 bit is a paid version of Comodo. This software works as efficiently as the free software. There is no such difference between the performance of both the paid and free versions of the firewall. Like the free version, this one also offers enough protection from computer viruses.

Pros and cons:

Comodo firewall detects all ports and leaks, which keeps a PC safe and secure. However, the software is not efficient enough to handle internet based exploits.

Download Firewall Free ,Direct links,(Last updated on February 15, 2012) ,32 & 64-bit Windows 7 , XP SP2,Vista

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