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Combofix BoxCombofix has been reviewed by dozens of the sites all over world. These Combofix reviews and ratings have been submitted by both professional and amateur editors, as well as, everyday users. The purpose of this page is to provide with you a snapshot of these reviews all in one place. This save you time clicking around the Internet looking for information and reviews about Combofix. We place by more weight on reviews form reputable sites, and editors. In short, we do all the heavy lifting that goes into thoroughly researching a complicated anti-spyware utility like Combofix; so you can make decision if application is right for you just by visiting this page.


First, we present our own Combofix review. This review isn’t based on our personal interaction with the software, instead; we have, essentially, composed a comprehensive summation of many of the reviews from many of the top sites and editors. The advantage is that we have incorporated the opinions of multiple reviewers. Moreover, our review includes pros and cons, sites ratings, and key comments from both editors and users. In sum, we provide more complete picture than a review from a single editor.

Please note that most Combofix reviews from both editors and users are extremely positive. This partially explains the software application’s rabid worldwide popularity. Combofix has been downloaded 10’s of millions of time by users from around the globe. Many Combofix reviews point out similar strengths and weakness. Our review below expand on this application attributes, and provide comprehensive picture by incorporating opinions from only the most respected software editors.

Combofix Review

logosCombofix is a sophisticated anti-malware application designed exclusively for the most advanced PC users and administrators. Beginners and even intermediate users should only use Combofix under the supervision of an advanced user or system administrator. This is important because if misused, Combofix can delete important files making a PC unbootable. Combofix is a ‘no-frill’ application that can remove ‘combination’ threats often missed by other anti-malware applications. Combofix does this by performing an in-depth of your entire system, and can locate malware deeply rooted in Windows PC’s. During these scan, Combofix can often find and eliminate almost any kind of malware out there. In cases when Combofix cannot auto-clean an infected system, a detailed comprehensive log file is generated. Advanced users can use this report to manually remove any remaining threats left behind.

Combofix is updated every frequently; sometimes even multiple times per month, in order to stay on top of new security threats. This along with its capabilities to catch spyware and other threats missed by other apps makes Combofix the go to malware remover for advanced users, and PC professionals.

To sum, Combofix is essentially the application of ‘last-resort’. If Combofix cannot find the malware on your system, it’s probably time for a fresh Windows re-install.

Combofix Pros

  • Ability to find and eliminate malware other anti-malware applications miss
  • Perform deep scans and remove malware automatically
  • Generate detailed system wide infection report

Combofix Cons

  • Unsafe for novice users
  • No graphical interface
  • Does require confirmation before deleting files.
  • Incompatible with Windows 8.1/10

Combofix Screen Captures

One frequently mentioned weakness in mow5 Combofix reviews is it lacking interface. Below are Combofix screenshots so you can see if yourself.


Combofix How-to Video

This video gives you a ‘hands-on’ view of Combofix power and potential risks. It has over 150K views, and we recommend anyone interested in Combofix to check it out. The video is a bit dated, but Combofix interface and overall functionality has not change much since this video was published.

Here’s another popular video, you may find useful:

Combofix Review at

Editorial Rating:
4.5 of 5 stars

User Rating:
4.5 of 5 stars (109 Reviewers)

Key Customer Concern:
Most users complaints centers around Combofix’s incompatibility with Windows 8.1/10

The Bottom Line:
‘Combofix is a great way to supplement standard system cleaners and keep your machine running smoothly. It works well and it’s free, but it isn’t for the novice user without some additional guidance’

Combofix Ratings at Softonic

Editorial Rating:
4.5 of 5 stars

Users Rating:
3.5 of 5 stars (172 Reviewers)

The Bottom Line:
‘ComboFix is an aggressively deep clean for emergency situations.’

Combofix Ratings at Softpedia

Editorial Rating:
3.5 of 5 stars

Users Rating:
3.4 of 5 stars (1,217 Reviewers)

Key Concern:
Too easy to delete important files by mistake

Bottom Line:
Effortlessly remove spyware and several types of malware from your computer with the help of this streamlined and useful piece of software

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