Boot Up in Safe Mode When Computer Freezes and Other Issues

While operating your computer device many things can occur that require an immediate computer repair. But while there are problems that are easy to fix it can happen as well for other problems to take more time in being properly taken care of due to the normal boot up in Windows. In this case you have the option to boot up in safe mode and thus taking care of the problems before the normal process is run.

The first step into this is to get the system booted while pressing F8 key when the power button is pushed to start your PC. The F8 button should be pressed more than a few seconds to make sure that the boot up in safe mode appears on the display. Soon after this a long list of options appears for you to choose from. From this list choose ‘boot up in safe mode’ option. In case the F8 key is pressed by mistake, the system will boot up in its normal way. This is why for the safe mode it requires pressing the F8 key for several times.

There are some benefits coming with booting up the system in safe mode:

  • Programs containing viruses and/or spyware and are part of the start up sequence will not open up in the safe mode. Some of these programs won’t be removable as long as the system is running. But with the safe mode booting up these programs will be eliminated from the system.
  • The lock up or freezing won’t happen upon the uninstalling a program. It happens to you on many occasions of uninstalling a specific program to see that the computer suddenly freezes. With the safe mode this won’t happen again. This is because many of the resources of your computer won’t be used at this level of booting.
  • While your computer is a total mess, through the boot up safe mode as a computer repair option, you will benefit from system restoring helping you see if any of the previous problems will re-occur.

One other way through which you can scan the system for errors is by making use of registry cleaner tool. It will be able to solve computer problems, checking for errors and other glitches which should otherwise be solved in the safe mode.

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