why choose Max Spyware Detector?

Block Spyware- Put an end to privacy invasion and reduced PC performance

Continuous spyware attacks and the ever changing Spyware technology puts at risk your personal information, privacy as well as identity.

But, We at Max Secure Software have developed a top of the line Anti Spyware, which is the final solution to all your spyware problems.

Max Spyware Detector which has been specifically designed to scan, identify, delete and recover spyware. With its options of quick scan and full scan, Max Spyware Detector is the ideal solution for professionals, individuals, offices and home based users.

This software also has some superior features that enable complete protection-

Enhanced Detection

Our dedicated database team is constantly engaged in spyware research methods as well as identification of latest spyware threats before they are widely spread. Max Spyware Detector not only ensures you foolproof protection from existing spyware threats but new emerging ones too.

Advanced Blocking

The advanced blocking features of Max Spyware Detector, block not only the new spyware installations but ActiveX, tracking cookies and browser header objects. You can also block undesirable websites. With this product, we ensure you peace of mind.

Active Monitoring

Tension free browsing is guaranteed by Max Spyware Detector as it protects and secures your PC against homepage hijacking, Tracking cookies and malicious spyware.

Complete Removal

In just one scan, Max Spyware Detector detects and removes even the most stubborn spyware programs. The product also provides advanced and complete cleaning technology for the nasty spyware.

Free Instant Support

Each and every customer of Max Spyware Detector is guaranteed complete backup and technical support. Our customer friendly technical support team is there to answer all your queries. And that too absolutely FREE!!

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